Molval Metabolic 850®


Molval Metabolic 850® is the world's only health supplement that combines "fish oil with bioactive fish peptides". With proven efficacy and safety by >11 years of clinical research in France, it is certified by the “French Agency for the Safety of Health Products” . Each capsule of Molval Metabolic 850® contains the patented bioactive enzymatic fish peptides (Liquamen®) and Blue Ling Omega-3 rich fish oil (EPA & DHA) extracted from the 2000m deep-sea grown North Atlantic Ocean fish, Blue Ling.


  • May assist in stabilizing blood pressure by inhibiting angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE)
  • Protects the cardiovascular system
  • Anti-platelet aggregation
  • Improves lipid profile
  • Vasodilation and protects cardio-cerebrovascular functions
  • Lowers artery intima-media thickness (IMT) value that indicates healthiness of blood vessels
  • With 11-year clinical study support its efficacy and safety (subjects' blood pressure, blood cholesterol and other indices are monitored every year)

Indicated for:

  • People concerned about blood pressure
  • People concerned about blood lipids / cholesterol
  • Poor circulation
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Overweight, lack of exercises, unhealthy diet

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This product is not registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance or the Chinese Medicine Ordinance. Any claim made for it has not been subject to evaluation for such registration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.


Liquamen® Peptides properties:

Bioactive fish peptides are the compound of two or more amino acids, and Liquamen® are the short-chain peptides extracted from the deep-sea Blue Ling fish. They are obtained by the patented hydrolysis process that yields compounds which can be assimilated directly and are biologically active in the body.  Liquamen® peptides contain various essential amino acids and nutrients needed for human cells and are best-known for their inhibition on ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme), a compound that causes vasoconstriction, thereby reducing tension of blood vessels and the blood volume, and thus lowering blood pressure.

Fish Oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids DHA & EPA which are well-known for their beneficial effects on heart and brain health.

In addition to the beneficial effects of omega-3 fatty acids on heart and brain health, consuming a combination of fish oil and fish peptides has shown significant improvement in cardiovascular health and macrocirculation than fish oil alone, it provides a more promising result especially to those who are at high risk of or already have cardiovascular health concern.

Accreditation of Molval Metabolic 850® :

  • Certified by the French Agency for the Safety of Health Products (AFSSAPS) in 2002 as a dietary supplement adjuvant for people on a lipid-lowering regimen.

afssaps certificate
  • Being prescribed to the French National Ski Cross Team as a supplementation for better vascularization and greater resistance to the cold
French ski cross
  • Clinically tested for over 11 years by the following institutions:
    • Tenon Hospital
    • Saint Antoine University Hospital
    • National Association of Medical Prevention, Paris
    • Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris
clinical paper

Active ingredients:

Each 650 mg capsule of Molval Metabolic 850® contains:

  • Patented Liquamen® fish peptides     —— 150 mg;

  • Omega-3 rich fish oil                          —— 187 mg (50 mg EPA and 35 mg DHA)

Energy Content: 3 kcal per capsule

Product size:

650 mg per capsule, 120 capsules per container.


Take with meals.

For patients
5 caps / day , twice daily (For optimal effect, take for a minimum of 6-12 months)

For health maintenance
3 caps / day , once daily 

Balanced diet and regular exercise is recommended.

*For women in pregnancy & children, please consult with your doctor and pharmacist.
This product is not recommended if you present any allergy to fish. 

Made in France

1. What is Molval Metabolic 850® and how does it different from other fish oil supplements?
  Molval Metabolic 850® is the world's only health supplement that combines "fish oil with bioactive fish peptide". It contains the patented bioactive enzymatic fish peptides (Liquamen®) and Omega-3 rich fish oil (EPA & DHA) extracted from the North Atlantic Ocean fish, Blue Ling. The synergistic biologic effect of Liquamen® peptides and DHA/EPA-rich fish oil has greater protection in cardiovascular health.
2. Who can take Molval Metabolic 850® ?
  Molval Metabolic 850® is targeted for people with health conscious for long-term cardio-cerebrovascular health and for those who are at high risk of developing metablic syndrome.
3. Can I take it with other medications like blood-lowering drugs?
  Yes. Molval Metabolic 850® is a whole-fish health supplement, not a drug. There are no known adverse effects taking medications with Molval Metabolic 850®.
4. Shall I stop medication when I see improvement with Molval Metabolic 850® ?
  Molval Metabolic 850® can be used in conjunction with your medication, however, DO NOT stop taking any medication unless advised by your physician.
5. Does it have any side effects?
  Molval Metabolic 850® is natural, well tolerated and safe. No side effects have been reported in the 11-year clinical study and >20 years in the world market.
6. What is the best way to help maintain good cardiovascular health?
  To achieve good cardiovascular health in the long run, take Molval Metabolic 850® with a proper diet (high fiber, low fat), exercise regularly and keep monitoring your blood pressure and blood lipid regularly.