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Mr. Yiu Hau Tang (89 years old) - I was the first client to try GLAGOLD® GLA 13 years ago

As a long-term reishi customer for more than 25 years, I was the first to try GLAGOLD® GLA since 2006. Thanks to the effectiveness of the products, I'm still very healthy at my age, and so I've recommended my relatives to use also. 

13 years ago I learned about GLAGOLD® GLA from Ms. Chan of the company, and realized this product contains GLA of the Omega-6 family that is highly beneficial to our human body cells and microcirculation improvement. At the age of over 83, I still keep a fairly strong body, only that I have diabetes and periodontitis. It's been 13 years since I've taken GLAGOLD® GLA, and I'm fortunate my health is doing well; even now the recurrence of peridontitis is very rare and no longer do I need to take any medications.

I've gained much benefits from taking GLAGOLD® GLA these years, wishing more people could try this health supplement for a better life and health.

Ms. Peggy Lau - 12 years of GLAGOLD® GLA & 9 years of Molval Metabolic 850® have improved my health a lot!

Ever since year 2000, I discovered my cholesterol level was above 8.0 and had to rely on statins medication to control my cholesterol. Throughout these years, my total cholesterol level could only be reduced to around 5.8 to 6 at most, and so I was hoping that I could find a suitable health supplement to replace the drugs.

In 2007, I heard about GLAGOLD® and decided to give it a try right away to see if it could really improve my blood circulation and rectify my cholesterol balance. After 1 year, my cholesterol had dropped further. Then in 2008, I was suffering a serious joint pain after a careless fall, and so I continued to take 6 caps of GLAGOLD® daily, and it worked to cease the pain!

Up until 2009, besides taking my medication, I combined 4 caps of GLAGOLD® and 3 caps of Molval Metabolic 850® together. Seeing a consistent drop of my total cholesterol level was something I've longed for!

As of now I've taken GLAGOLD® and Molval Metabolic 850® for almost 12 years and 9 years respectively. Not only the joint pain has gone, I feel much more vigorous too and have stayed out of the risk of high cholesterol! As I certainly don't want to rely on medication for the rest of my life, I'll keep taking these two supplements for the sake of my health!

Mr. Chan Sou Keung (74 years old) - Very helpful for my body pain, finger stiffness and periodonitis!

It's been 13 years since I've taken GLAGOLD® GLA as I have family history of both diabetes and heart disease. Not only I've become more vigorous, but also the body pain especially on my waist and joints is now long gone. My hands are born to be relatively slim and small and the blood vessels are rather thin, thus over the years my fingers get cold and stiff easily, especially during the cold days, and more so I've seen mild muscle atrophy in the hands and peritendinitis. But these years after taking Reishi along with GLAGOLD® GLA, the symptoms have nearly disappeared.

Other than that, I have chronic periodontitis too, and everytime it breaks out, I need to buy special toothpaste for it. Ever since I start taking GLAGOLD® GLA, the symptoms of periodonitis have got under control. I recall once when I was away from home for a week and forgot to bring GLA with me, the gum swelling recurred. Later when I returned to HK and back on the regular dose, the pain was under control again. So with that experience in mind, I'll make sure to bring enough GLA with me to travel. And now I've increased the dose from 4 to 6 caps a day.

I strongly believe it's the long term supplementation of both GLA and reishi that brings the benefits, plus I've resided in Japan for a long period of time before, so I'm very confident about their rigorous research and work attitude, and I highly recommend them to everyone.

Ms. Leung Lai Chun (91 years old) - No more shortness of breath!

I have been taking reishi for over 2 decades and my health has alway been in good state. Only sometimes I need to take medication for my asthma because whenever I return home from outside, my trachea becomes very sensitive and breathing gets difficult, so I have to buy prescription drug for my asthma from time to time. But ever since I start taking 2 caps of GLAGOLD® GLA plus reishi regularly, these years I don't see my family doctor as often as before! I believe it's because GLAGOLD® GLA helps alleviate the constriction of the trachea.

What GLAGOLD® GLA has benefited me the most is that it improves my chronic shortness of breath! Up to now, my knee joints still hurt sometimes, and I hope by taking 4 caps daily of GLAGOLD® GLA could help alleviate my joint pain too!

Mr. Choi Chiu Wing - Microcirculation is the key to diabetes

My wife and I became full-time volunteer workers after we retired. I'm a diabetic for over 18 years and have mild proteinuria. In 2002, the coronary angiogram test revealed that my coronary artery was 40% blocked, since then I became more attentive to health news and participated in different kinds of health seminars.

In January 2005, I attended a health seminar organized by diabetes association and got a copy of GLAGOLD® GLA brochure, the brochure describes how GLA improves the resiliency and permeability of cell membranes which promotes microcirculation, and especially for the coronary vessels. So henceforth I started taking 4 caps daily.

In the past, I used to have chest pain every month, but after taking GLAGOLD® GLA continually for 6 months, I haven't felt any more pain at all and noticed my health has got a lot better. Even now when I have to lift heavy object at work, I seem to have more strength to do so than before.

In fact I never used to like taking any suppements or vitamins before, but after I've tried GLAGOLD® GLA and discovered the postive effects for my body, I truly believe its importance to my overall health. It has now become a regular habit for both my wife and myself to take gla, although the cost is a bit high, I'd rather spend less money on other things just to save it up for GLA.

Ms. Lo Chuen Tai - The dark spots have gone invisible and my teeth are much firmer now.

Since age 30, I started to find dark spots on my skin, especially on my arms and legs. I suspected it's due to the poor microcirculation which causes the melanin to deposit. After taking GLAGOLD® GLA for a period of time, I realize the dark spots have appeared lighter! And to my surprise, my front tooth which has used to be a bit loose become much firmer and healthier. I guess this is due to the benefits GLAGOLD® GLA has brought by improving the microcirculation, which strengthens the gums and make them healthier. I hope GLAGOLD® GLA can gradually slow down the deterioration of my joints and calcium loss next.

Ms. Chung Wai Yee - I did it! I'm fully recovered!

I've constantly been on medication for my diabetes and hypertension; when I first heard about the GLAGOLD® GLA presentation, I was indeed quite skeptical. But since I was keen to have my chronic illness treated, I decided to give GLAGOLD® a try and start with 4 caps a day. In just a few days, I noticed an improvement in my digestive system and my bowel movement got smoother. And after quite some time my skin started to glow and the skin pigment had somewhat faded. Since my job is largely sedentary and my legs tend to swell by the evening; GLA has somewhat improved this condition. Also, the ridges on my fingernails, which is believed to reflect one's health condition, are vanished after 9 months of taking GLA.

I personally believe that there's no one single way in achieveing one's good health. It's not enough to rely solely on medication or diet; exercising or self-care like nutritional supplement should also be included in the therapy. One must be persistent to keep on the habit, and so I've never stopped taking GLAGOLD®, as I know it's a lifelong habit to keep myself healthy. That's why I hope everyone can have the same perseverance as I do to battle for a long-lasting health. In the past I used to weigh 160 lbs, but after controlling my diet and exercising every day, I now weigh only 120 lbs. As a health supplement user, we are "investing for our well-being"; but when we come down with illness, money can only buy you medicine but it can't buy you good health.

On the other hand, I also realize that GLAGOLD® is a health supplement that improves the entire body and not just on any one single organ. GLA works on each and every body cell. I recall my blood sugar level remained at 6 to 7 mmol/l in the morning when I was on medication. As for now, my fasting blood sugar level is no different from normal people. Thus, I'm fully aware that GLA helps improve our cell metabolism and especially benefits those struggling with metabolic syndrome. I will continue to take GLAGOLD® for health maintenance and also recommend it to my friends around when they need.

Ms. Chan Kam Chi (62 years old) - My bronchial problem has improved

I have asthma for nearly 5 to 6 years and pay occasional visits to the doctor. Doctor pointed out that my bronchial tubes are inflamed, and so I need to rely on antibiotics, hormone treatment and inhaled steroid all the time. Even my eyes and nose are allergic sometimes so I have to take anti-histamines too. In November 2006, I came to know about GLA and after continuously taking it for 9 months, I felt truly impressed and grateful that my asthma got under control. And even my husband and my friends noticed that I look a lot more lively than before. At the same time, I hardly felt any pain on my shoulders. Since now all my friends have discovered my health has got much better, and I'm happier too. For optimal results, I started off at taking 6 caps of GLA daily, but now I've reduced the dose to 4 caps for health maintenance. 

Mr. Yeung Wai Ming (68 years old) - I value more the effectiveness of a product than its celebrity endorsement.

I've taken GLAGOLD® GLA for a few years and my daily dose was 6 caps to begin with. Concurrently, I've also taken reishi and Molval Metabolic 850® for nearly one and a half to two years and I exercise regularly as well. In the past, my blood pressure was always unstable and my cholesterol levels were quite high, so I had to rely on medication to keep it steady. But recently when I got my bodycheck, I figured my body has been through a major change. It's not surprise to know that medication has side effects and limitations. I was on cholesterol-lowering drug for only 1 month, and the drug had brought me joint pain and had no effects on raising the good cholesterol level at all. It was until the tea gathering presentation that I was first introduced to Molval Metabolic 850® and GLAGOLD® GLA. After I took both supplements for one year, my overall health has improved drastically. So now I keep a regular dose of 4 caps of GLAGOLD® GLA with 2 caps of Molval Metabolic 850® daily together with my wife and daughter. To me, I value more of the effectiveness of a product than celebrity endorsement.

Mr. Tai Luen Fai (71 years old) - scalp sores are gone, my wife is no longer my private hairdresser!

I have always been struggling with the sores and ulcers on my face. And my scalp has grown many sores and scabs too, as such I haven't been out for a hair cut for over 10 years, and my wife has become my personal hairdresser since then. I had to constantly see Chinese Practitioners and doctors, and doctor said I was suffering from eczema and prescribed me medication. My skin did get better after the meds, but once I stopped taking, it had got worse again. Since the long-term medication had also brought signs of liver hardening, eventually the doctor suggested me to stop the drug and go for regular liver check-up.

In the past I never had the habit of taking nutritional supplements, but after my wife urged me to try GLAGOLD® GLA, my skin did get a lot better. Up till now, I've taken it for over a year and my face doesn't grow anymore sores and the scalp scabs are completely gone. Now I'm not afraid to go out for hair cut anymore because the symptoms never recur again.

Mr. Francis Lui - Found the remedy for my afflicted joints so I can exercise more freely

20 years ago I lost control over my eating habits and lacked exercises which resulted in central obesity, my waist grew to 38 inches and I weighed 180 lbs. When I thought that was a sign of living a good life, I didn't expect I had come down with diabetes, high cholesterol and fatty liver etc. Luckily, I was being diagnosed early and doctor advised me to follow a strict diet, lose weight and do exercise therapy.

After a year of hard work, I shed 30 lbs and my blood glucose level dropped significantly. As encouraged by my gym trainer, I tried out for the 10K run in 2005 for the first time and finished in 75 mins. Unfortunately, I overworked my sole during the run and got it inflamed. So I ended up seeing quite a few Chinese practitioners, bonesetters, and physiotherapists for almost 2 years, but no improvements were achieved whatsoever. During that period, I came to know about GLAGOLD® GLA and started off from taking 7 caps daily; just several months later, the inflammation got treated. Since I'm a medical laboratory technician in immunology and have some kind of knowledge of biochemistry, I understood fairly how GLA theoretically works to improve the inflammation of my sole. So as of today, I still keep taking GLA for health maintenance, and my soles rarely aches anymore.