Nissan® Reishi

Nissan® Reishi

For over 2000 years, Red Reishi (latin: Ganoderma Lucidum, Chinese: Ling Zhi) has been recognized in Japan and China as the number one herb in the "Superior Medicine" category. Regarded as nature’s rarest herb, it was only available to Emperors and the social elite in the past. As a result of extensive research in Reishi cultivation by Japanese scientists, high quality Reishi is now available to the modern day consumer.

RED REISHI is referred to as a "Superior Medicine" because when compared to the ordinary medicine it has the following superior qualities*:
  • Daily consumption is acceptable and has no side effects.
  • Regular consumption of Reishi will regulate bodily functions to its normal forms.
  • It is effective in all organ functions.


World's Oldest Reishi Brand with Promising Quality 

With the abundance of Reishi products in the marketplace today, choosing the right product can become a difficult task. Established in 1887, NISSAN Chemical Corporation in Japan is a pioneer in specialty materials. Over 30 years ago, dedicated Nissan scientists developed a 100% natural health product, NISSAN REISHI, which is still considered today as the first and best Red Reishi extract product available worldwide.

With the use of whole wood logs, a unique fungi strain, advanced technology and strict supervision, Nissan Reishi has been recognized by consumers worldwide as the number one and the pioneer of Reishi products today.

Japan hot water extraction method

The traditional way of taking Reishi is to boil grined reishi and serve it as ‘tea’.

Nissan® Reishi
employs the similar extraction method: The dried Reishi slices were mashed, followed by repetitive boiling using pure water to yield high-purity, easy-to-absorb Reishi essence.

NISSAN guarantees that each box contains at least 6,000mg of pure Red Reishi Essence extracted from 75g of their highest quality, naturally cultivated Red Reishi.
From raw materials selection, cultivation, harvest, extraction to packaging and product quality assurance test*, the whole production process takes over a year. Every Nissan staff have to follow strict guidelines to ensure high quality and safety

*Product Quality Assurance includes testing on shape, weight, hardness, bacteria and heavy-metal.


Nissan® Reishi (Tablets)

Product of Japan.

Medicinal Ingredients: Reishi Mushroom Extract

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Lactose, sucrose fatty acid ester, shellac, sucrose, edible egg shell powder, calcium carbonate, acasia gum, gelatin, cochineal, caramel, wax-carnauba, talc

Quantity: Each box contains 50 packets (2 tablets per packet).

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 packets daily, preferably before meals and with water.


Nissan Chemical Corporation
The oldest Japanese brand with 130 years of history

Established in 1887, Nissan Chemical Corporation is one of the top 40 enterprises in Japan engaging with the research and development of innovative products which include one of the most popular brands in the world, Nissan Reishi.

Nissan Chemical Corporation has started a new Reishi cultivation farm in Hokkaido. Growing under the closed environment that replicates nature, Nissan Reishi is made from mushroom cultivated with the use of organic fertilizers and carefully nurtured under the strict control of sunlights, humidity and temperature, which then produces the highest quality Reishi fruitbodies from wood-log cultivation.

nissan chem corporation logo

From generation to generation, users exceed 100 million

For a century, Nissan Reishi wins the heart of the worldwide customers with its excellent quality and reputation. The majority has been taking Reishi for several decades, and its benefits have passed from one generation to the next. As of today, Nissan Reishi users have exceed 100 million, unargubly becoming the number one Reishi brand with the most loyal customers. 
Q: Exactly what is the right dosage of reishi one must consume?

A: The consumption amount of Reishi differs from individuals and depends on the quality and brand of Reishi. For Nissan® Reishi, a pack (2 tablets) a day for a healthy person will suffice. An individual with health concerns should take 2 - 4 packs a day or more.

Q: How come there is no effect after the intake of other brands of reishi?

A: Perhaps, the quality level of Reishi that is consumed is low. As such, it is important to use only quality Reishi products from a manufacturer you can trust.

Reishi is a rare "Superior Herb" with incredible health benefits. Through years of research in Japan, it is proven that the red-coloured Reishi has great healing value, and the red-coloured has the highest nutritional value. Furthermore, it is proven that in order to cultivate top quality Reishi plant, one must use mother fungi (unique only to Nissan Reishi products), which has the most potency, combined with the method that is most similar with its natural growing environment (natural wood log cultivation).

Unfortunately the production method is very costly and it takes over 1 year to complete, thus, making the end product expensive. For the consumers, buying top-quality Reishi products in the marketplace is complicated because many Reishi suppliers have produced only enough to meet the demand of the general public. The cultivation period time for low quality Reishi plants are approximately 3 - 4 months only.

Nissan® Reishi is a product manufactured by Nissan Chemical Corporation of Japan. With the use of whole wood logs, a unique fungi strain, advanced technology and strict supervision, Nissan Reishi has been recognized by consumers worldwide as the number one and the pioneer of Reishi products today.