Mikei® Red Reishi
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Mikei® Red Reishi is produced by the Mayuzumi family, the renowned mushroom growers with over 30 years of cultivating practices in Japan; they identified and patented the most superior strain of red reishi, and perfected its cultivation and concentration to the exacting standards of the Japan Reishi Association (JRA). With the advance hot water extraction method, Mikei® Red Reishi contains the highest levels of biologically active compounds.

Traditionally, red reishi was prized as the "herb of longevity" – used to promote calmness, improve meditative practices, and attain a healthy life.


  • Balancing energy levels
  • Supporting the body’s natural resistance to stress
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Promote healthy cells
  • No side effects

Indication for:

  • Poor liver condition
  • Stress & insomnia
  • Fatigue

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Pioneered in natural wood-log cultivation by Japan's foremost reishi growers

Wild grown reishi is vulnerable to environmental pollution and insect infestation, which consequently diminish reishi's medicinal value. Mikei® Red Reishi is an end product produced by Japan's foremost reishi growers, the Mayuzumi family who adopts strict and unique cultivation method to produce superior quality reishi.
Fumimaru Mayuzumi, the chairman of Japan Reishi Association, continues to uphold his long family tradition of growing high quality mushrooms.
Natural Wood Log Cultivation

Without the use of agricultural chemicals or pesticides, natural wood-log cultivation is the first and foremost technique of using aged oak wood-logs to grow fully mature and superior quality reishi. All raw materials have passed the test of 340 pesticides by Japan Food Research Laboratory.

reishi comparison table
wood log

Wood log cultivation allows reishi to fully grow naturally, producing bigger-size fruiting bodies with higher potency.

Hot water extracted reishi essence

Using the advance hot water extraction method in Japan, Mikei® red reishi produces the most concentrated reishi essence of 16.6:1 ratio extract that is highly purified and sterilized, which provides the most active compounds, polysaccharides, among other reishi products on the market.*

In 2000, the consumer council of HK tested over 32 reishi products on market in various dose forms including capsule, tablet, powder and granule. The test report has confirmed that Mikei red reishi contains the highest amount of polysaccharides amongst all.
reishi essence
 Easily absorbed,
purified extract  

Marched into London's famous department store "Harrods" with 20 years of notable reputation

Since the first day of sales, Mikei® red reishi has been selling in 15 worldwide countries with retail outlets spread through Asia, North America and Europe. Recently it has successfully marched into London's famous department store, Harrods, which carries most of the historic brands in London.


Quality Assurance

Mikei® Red Reishi is certified by by Japan Reishi Association, an organization supported by industry leaders and government organizations dedicated to maintain the highest standards of product quality and  business practices in the Reishi industry worldwide by informing consumers about Japan Reishi health food products and manufacturers. 



Each 250mg of Mikei® red reishi capsule contains:

Red Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum)(fruiting body)  - 250 mg (16.6:1 extract; dry equivalent of 3.3g/capsule)

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: NPcaps

* The capsules used are all-natural and suitable for a variety of dietary requirements including vegetarians, diabetics, and those on restricted diets.


250mg/cap, 60caps/box


Take on an empty stomach with lukewarm water.

For health maintenance

1 – 2 caps daily

For treatment

2 – 4 caps daily

Storage Instructions:

Mikei® Red Reishi
capsules contains very fine essence powder that absorbs moisture very easily. It is highly recommended that the capsules be kept in the blister packaging inside the foil bag and tightly sealed after each usage. Store in a cool, dry place.

Made in Japan

Ichiban Quality

Double quality assurance from Hong Kong and Japan

Mikei® Red Reishi undergoes a series of rigorous safety tests from cultivation, production, exports to imports, ensuring the quality is safe from human or environmental contaminations. All raw materials required for cultivation including water, soil and wood logs have passed the safety testing of pesticides residues, heavy metals, radioactivity and microbiology etc (total of 340 test items*) conducted by Shokukanken Inc. Environmental and Hygiene Laboratory, Japan. Before the export of the finished products, every batch is required to undergo additional safety test by accredited testing laboratories, JFRL and NKKK, in Japan. At the import into Hong Kong, both the Customs and Excise Department and the Chinese Medicine Council enhance testing of the products to ensure quality is satisfactory.

Safety Tests

*Our product safety testing in Japan covers 85 more test items of pesticide residuals than that required by the “Pesticide Residuals in Food Regulation” of the Center for Food Safety of Hong Kong .

Q:Can I take Mikei Red Reishi with other medications?

A: Although Mikei® Red Reishi is a natural health supplement, it is recommended that you consult a healthcare practitioner prior to taking any new medication. There have been no reports to show that red reishi cannot be taken with any other medications. However, patients undergoing organ transplants and using immuno-suppressive drugs should always be cautious when taking any immune-modulating substances such as red reishi and are advised to consult their healthcare practitioner.

Q: Is red reishi safe for everyone to take?

A: There are no studies that restrict the consumption of red reishi to any specific person. However, consulting a health care practitioner prior to taking any health supplement is recommended especially for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Q: Are there any side-effects?

A: Red reishi is a natural substance that can be taken for a long period of time without any side effects. There have been cases where sensitive individuals may experience detoxification symptoms such as mild upset stomach, dryness of the nose and mouth, dizziness, soreness, and skin rashes. These symptoms normally subside after a couple of days. Consult a health care practitioner if these symptoms persist.

Q: How soon can one start noticing results?

A: Results can vary from a week to several months with the daily intake of a high quality reishi product such as Mikei, but most people notice a difference to their overall health and well-being within a month.

Q: How long can one take Mikei® Red Reishi for?

A: There is no limit as to how long one can take Mikei® Red Reishi. The daily consumption of red reishi is as much of a preventative measure for good health as it is a tool for people with specific health concerns.

Q: Are Mikei® Red Reishi capsules vegetarian friendly?

A: Yes! Mikei® Red Reishi capsules are all-natural and suitable for a variety of dietary requirements including vegetarians, diabetics, and those on restricted diets.