About Nippon Kendai

About Us

Nippon Kendai Research and Development Ltd. set up in Hong Kong since 2005. We are dedicated to providing top-quality, safe and high potent nutritional supplements to the healthcare industry and health conscious individuals. Our products are patented manufactured, GMP compliant and backed by scientific research to offer the best efficacy and quality assurance to our consumers. For this reason, we have successfully built up our professional and reputable image in the health industry.

In addition, we are also responsible for the marketing and sales of "Japan Mikei® Red Reishi" and "Nissan Reishi". Besides, Nippon Kendai has licensed by the Hong Kong Government on external packaging service for proprietary Chinese medicines (Manufacturer license in PCM: PM-2018-00016) . Our packing plant are able to provide external packaging service for proprietary Chinese medicines for SMEs in Hong Kong.

Our Mission

Today, increasing number of people have come down with chronic diseases and become more conscious with their health than before. With the inevitable and unwanted side-effects of medication, people have learnt to look for alternatives to improve their quality of health and tackle their diseases. And our mission is by all means shared among many of you and driven to provide the best and effective nutritional supplements to your health.